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Procreate is a multi-award winning creative app designed to free creative professionals from their desk. Create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations wherever you are.

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Meet the team behind Procreate

We chose the name Savage because we're extremely hungry and driven to make the most compelling software in the world for creative professionals. We're also based in Tasmania, which has a pretty brutal history. It's a lot nicer now. In fact, it's an amazing part of Australia that gives us the creative freedom that only an island can provide; and it's here that we develop Procreate. We're not terribly 'savage' in person, though. We're actually pretty friendly, and for us the art of creating is profoundly meaningful. It's what gets us up in the morning and it's what keeps us up at night.

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James Cuda
CEO, Co-Founder, Product Designer, Experience Designer & Creative Director

That's a lot of fancy titles, especially for a CEO who says he doesn't care for titles. But the thing is, James does a lot - from the big picture company strategy, to the most minute pixel placement, and everything in between.

Along with the string of awards James has won for his design work over the years, he is also the guy who designed the Procreate interface, and he's still behind many of Procreate's newest user experience designs. His drive and passion for the artistry that goes into building an amazing product experience is felt throughout every part of Savage.

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Alanna Cuda
CFO & Co-Founder

Alanna founded Savage Interactive with James back in 2011. Since then, Alanna and James have had three amazing children, who are now her primary focus. Even with all the work that three kids create (which, let's face it, is a lot), Alanna remains an intrinsic part of Savage, and still manages to find time to help with HR, accounts, and strategic direction.

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Lloyd Bottomley
Chief Software Architect

Lloyd engineered Procreate. No, really. While today's Procreate is the result of many contributions, Lloyd built Procreate's original groundbreaking OpenGL graphics engine.

His unique way of approaching problems drives Savage's continual innovations and discoveries. Affectionately referred to in the hallways as The Ginger Wizard, Lloyd has forgotten more about Procreate than anyone knows, and his beard holds many secrets.

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Claire d'Este
Project Manager & Software Engineer

Claire leads the charge in new Procreate engineering. She has an actual for real doctorate in robotics and artificial intelligence, but left the academic field to find a new way to make a difference and now brings to life many of Procreate's major features.

As a mother of two and an accomplished screenwriter, Claire injects her cheeky humour into most of Savage’s official words. In fact, the crudest jokes are probably hers. She's also brought Savage a quiet resourcefulness that's been instrumental in shaping Procreate's evolution.

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Jess Clarke
Software Engineer

Jess applied to Savage with the most impassioned cover letter we've ever seen. She has a keen interest in UI/UX, and since coming on board, has hit the ground running to develop new and unreleased Procreate features. Second only to Dave in Savage's Apple Fan stakes, Jess is as dedicated to her work as she is to certain boy bands.

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Nathan Clegg
Art Director, Designer & Front-End Developer

Like all Savage members, Nathan is ambitious. But he's like, really ambitious. Uniquely, he rides the divide between code and design, which means he produces brilliant content and has a reputation for finishing the job before you've even told him what it is.

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Alison Faulks
Personal Assistant

Alison helps the founders with the day-to-day running of Savage, and will go to any length to make sure everything goes smoothly. She'll often get a call in the morning from James with an unusual request and figure out a way to make it happen. If Savage needs something, Alison will provide.

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Matt Meskell
Promotions Manager

Savage's second Matt, Matt Meskell loves art. He also turns up early to everything. Combine that with his sincerity and his constant bad jokes, and you get a guy who's fantastic at forging genuine relationships with artists and is the perfect person for coordinating Savage's proactive worldwide presence.

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Dave Williams
Software Engineer

When Dave was in his twenties, he was one of the founders of ATMOS and lead developer on Escape Velocity: Nova, a space shooter that was one of the default applications that shipped on every new Mac in the early 2000s.

Now Dave brings his unquenchable energy and impeccable UX eyeballs to Savage. Curiously, he seems to know a little about everything, and is using his considerable talents to solve problems for Procreate.

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Aimee Stubley
Communications Officer

The first voice of Savage on the Procreate Portfolio community, Aimee takes care of Procreate users with the same joy she has for her house full of pets. Resident shopaholic and keeper of the office fish, Aimee fills every day at Savage with love and laughter.

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Nick Cuff
Senior Web Developer

Nick is so humble he's nearly subliminal, and he plays a ridiculous amount of sports. He puts an incalculable amount of effort into all of his work, and he single-handedly developed the entire backend to Procreate Portfolio, our new online community. Talented, straightforward, and extremely kind, Nick is making things better even when we haven't realised he's in the office.

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Michael Shaw
Software Engineer

A developer for life, Michael uses his successful background in iOS app development and graphics programming to push Procreate to new heights.

Michael's extremely passionate about doing things that matter. When he’s not at his desk, he’s finessing his American barbecue recipes or quietly thinking about ice hockey. He puts complete focus and attention on anything he's doing, from major feature development to optimising the last database index.

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Georgie Holt
Social Media Coordinator

An experienced painter, Georgie lives and breathes art, which makes her the perfect voice for Procreate’s social media. Equally enthusiastic about art, coffee, and dogs, you’ll see her running our live streams, posting across our networks, and talking to amazing artists all over the world.

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Tom Everingham
Graphic Designer

Tom’s eyeballs have seen a lot of action. Educated at the National Art School in Sydney and the University of NSW, he’s got 20 years of industry experience and a bunch of national and international graphic design awards. He’s defined by his intense passion for and habitual curiosity about creative design. He’s also confident he has the best musical taste in the office.

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Joe Fitzpatrick
Customer Support Officer

Joe does a bit of everything, dipping his toes into local theatre, video games, and actual water at the beach. He's also the front line for Procreate customer support, answering every email you send us: ranging from complex technical support, all the way to straightforward advice.

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Jess Tracy
Accounting Assistant

Jess is effervescent and friendly, usually seen with a big smile on her face. Skilled at bookkeeping and keeping books, she’s a voracious reader and loves travelling. With three babies at home - two furry, one human - Jess spends her time at Savage keeping our accounts in order, and getting fuzzy feelings over choreographed flashmobs.

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Will Robinson
In-House Artist

Will was the very first artist to use Procreate, and is now our in-house illustrator, making sick art for Procreate and our office. A life-long illustrator, Will's inspired by a variety of art styles and media, but always comes back to digital creation.

Usually a man of few words, you'll hear Will's voice a lot in our new Learn to Procreate video series.

Create Beautiful Code

Do you want a chance to be creative, and to have meaningful input into the products you make? We're looking for developers to write code that's as beautiful as our customer's artwork.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Savage Interactive is the developer of the internationally award-winning iPad app Procreate. Procreate is the industry leading mobile illustration application for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. We believe in making positive change in the creative industry, and we use the latest technologies to push the boundaries of digital creativity.

We're looking for people with strong experience in iOS development or graphics programming to become an integral, full-time member of our growing team. We want to give you what you need to push yourself to create your best work.